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Salmer (Psalms)

Den Danske Salmebogs 791 sange er rullet og emballeret i 39 pakker (+ 11 løscigaretter).

Materialer: Den Danske Salmebog (Det Kgl. Vajsenshus’ Forlag, 2011), tobak. 


ensumaffakta forlag

ISBN: 978-87-998756-0-3

Udstillet hos Charlotte Fogh Gallery på gruppeudstillingen Black/white'ish.



02/12 2016 - 14/01 2017

The black- white is the theme of the last show this year at Charlotte Fogh Gallery. The exhibition features 25 international and Danish artists, all working with different expressions and media, but with the black and white as recurrent term. The exhibition is composed of conceptual, abstract, linear and figurative works that range from painting, photography, collage, drawing and sculpture but maintained within the black / white aesthetics. The works are closely side by side and from floor to ceiling as in a traditional salon suspension and creates a graphically strong presentation of some of the most current artists. At the same time it is a take-away exhibition; the works are continuously replaced when they are sold, and the exhibition underway changing.


Mette Winckelmann, Anders Bonnesen, HuskMitNavn, Julie Nord, Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Søren Benhcke, Rose Eken, Frode Steinicke, Iben Toft Nørgård, Kaspar Bonnén, Benjamin Edmiston, Ragnar Persson, Rachel Cattle, Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, Andreas Schulenburg, Louis Reith, Matias Malling Mortensen, Torben Ribe, Jonas Liverød, Kamilla Jørgensen, Tina Maria Nielsen, Lene Desmentik, Tina Scherzberg

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